When a person farts while walking by or standing near someone else and immediately vacates the airspace allowing the stench to engulf the victim.
Today I was the victim of the nastiest smelling drive-by.
by weathergirl October 14, 2010
Top Definition
1. A shooting performed by a gang-member in a slowly moving motor vehicle that then speeds away from the scene.
2. To 'suss' something out, to complete a recce.
1. "Yo' roll up here MOFO, I gunna do a drive-by on this bitch."
2. "Have you done a drive by of the target?"
by Diego September 11, 2003
farting while walking by a co-workers workstation
wtf is that smell? that mf'er must have done a drive by, cuz it wasn't me.
by jim December 13, 2003
Gangland massacre whereby the assailant(s) will open fire from the window(s) of a slow moving vehicle and speed off once their clips are spent.
There was a drive-by in my hood yesterday
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
A shooting from a moving vehicle that
simplifies get-away. Also "drive-by".
My boys got hit in a drive by.
by T.D. January 20, 2003
(n)a one night stand; a quickie; to f*ck a ho and go.
Shellie did a driveby with that cute guy from the club. Man she didn't even get his name.
by SexylikaMoFo November 14, 2006
Before giving a female oral sex, start fingering her first, only for a second or two. Try to distract her somehow, kiss her ear or neck, and sniff your fingers to see if she stinks so you can decide if going down on her is worth it.
I gave that chick a drive by and damn that bitch stank!
by yuengs'n'wings April 09, 2007
Popular way of killing people among rappers.

A car passes another car, the killer opens fire through the window (preferably with a submachine gun), eliminates the target and makes off at high speed.

Also known as: A Tupac.
Dude 1: Hey man, there was a drive-by in my hood today.

Dude 2: Wtf, how's the victim?
Dude 1: He's dead, of course. He really got Tupacked.
by darealrob November 22, 2009
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