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n. a wet, erotic quality the body can have when radiating sexuality already.

adj. when a body appears wet, erotic, and sexy.

(The quality of being dripply usually puts its beholder into some kind of mild to intense sexual frenzy. Meanwhile the dripply person is horny already because one has to be radiating sexuality to be dripply.)

(This state usually occurs when he/she is stepping out of a swimming pool or is beginning to get sweaty during cloacal congress.)
Oh my stars, you looked wet, good, and dripply when you stepped onto the shower mat. Can you brush your teeth later? I'd like to have fuckery with your dripply self because you possess the dripply...Now!
by illegalfunk February 26, 2009
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When you're own your own and your bitch is at work, get naked and shit in a cup then dip your dick in it then take it out and push urself against a wall so hard ur dick goes inside you so the shit gets in your pubes then lay down naked til ur shit dries and goes all crusty and wen ur bitch gets home blindfold her and make her eat ur pubes
Oh man, I totally pulled a dripply on my bitch yesterday.
by LOLLLOLOLOL July 24, 2009

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