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Any place where a feller or a gal can wet their whistle with a nice alcoholic drink.

It doesn't have to be a bar or some other place that serves drinks. As long as it's out of the prying eyes of people who frown on drinkin' in public.
1) Pokey stopped by the liquor mart on the way home from work. He bought some rot-gut booze and headed behind the store.

He didn't wanna wait till' he got home, there was a drinkin' hole behind the store with a cheap mattress.

2) Gordon was hanging out down by the river under the bridge, a known drinkin' hole for the local derelicts and hoodrats. He slammed six beers and huffed a whole bottle of nail-polish remover.

3) Todd and Ronnie were hanging out at the drinkin' hole in the park trying to pick up high school chicks.
by jrubadub August 24, 2010

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