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1. A Dreidel (Jewish toy) from the southern part of the United States of America.

2. A dwarf on stilts.

3. The act of condiments dripping from someone's sandwich.

4. Some sort of catastrophe.
1. I say, I say, little boy, where'd you get that Drindle.

2. That Drindle's got mad skills.

3. Let me get you a napkin, you've got a drindle going on.

4. The copier is having some sort of Drindle.
by busybee@work December 09, 2010
To be very turned on by something or someone.
originated in MoCo MD
damn, his body makes me so drindle
by lala2344 August 17, 2009
To pass through and/or explore an area casually and without direction; to amble aimlessly.
They drindled through the French Quarter of New Orleans all afternoon.
by Nigel Finley July 28, 2008
a crack between the dimensions, wide enough for a feline to slide through but too narrow for humans
Schroedinger slipped through the drindle, leaving his master behind
by slish December 16, 2003
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