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1. NOUN: someone you meet while highly intoxicated.. a drunk friend

2. VERB: getting drunk and making friends
1. Amy: "My driend from that party last weekend invited us to go out Saturday"

2. Mo: "Let's take shots and go driend with the boys downstairs!"
by NU_427_MD November 15, 2010
The passing of a close Friend.
A Friend who has died.
Someone you are no longer Friends with.
#1. I just lost my best Friend to a drunk driver. You forever be missed my Driend!

#2. Jessica is no longer my Friend, she is now my Driend.
by Robert Michael Hensel September 24, 2009
Having a friends who are drug affiliated.
Shellene: Man, im so keen for crystal meth, but i dont know a dealer.

Matt: You need some driends!

Makaila: YAY!
by macasorous October 08, 2011

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