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Driders are Drow/Spider combinations that look like warped centaurs. driders are adept at moving through webs and entangling foes whenever possible.
they are like centaurs but drow and spider
by Smurf August 17, 2004
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Someone who sucks up to someone or agrees with everything somebody says and/follows someone around and obeys their commands
yo doesn't paul always D-ride rob?
That kid right there is such a D-rider!
why are you D-riding him right now
by Beat box Masta Beat October 22, 2008
Someone who rides dick or is all up on your meat.
Chris is such a d-rider and never leaves me alone.
by driderxtreme December 06, 2008
One who rides Dick, commonly has very pale skin and a very hot sister named Amy.
Look at Drider all over that D!CK, dang what a fag!
Dang Drider's sister wore me out last night.
by Slurth April 19, 2005
A dusty kid in your crew.
Yo, Bergamini is such a D-Rider, get that shit outta here.
by G-Money3 February 15, 2007

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