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Basically means shit. Originated from the television show FarScape.
"You dren hole"
"What is that piece of dren?"
by Claudia the crazy phooning dyke February 26, 2003
The Farscape equivalent of the word 'shit'.

In response to people's lame "nerd backwards" definitions - If someone got called a dren, real nerds would take that as being called a shit. And real nerds are frelling awesome.
*Have a bite of a disgusting biscuit*
"Ugh, you really expect me to eat this dren?"
by NinjaRobot August 08, 2012
a rare species that is half man half turtlue, the creature can live up to 150 years old but its very unlikley as it feeds only on custard doughnuts and rotting flesh. this particular word is now being used as a insult.
ohh harry your such a dren!
by cmcc003 January 23, 2011
A user name commonly used on the internet. Mostly thought of as "nerd" spelled backwards.
Hello, my name is dren!
Acronym which stands for:

Defense Research and Engineering Network
The Department of Defence will have a significantly increased budget for DREN this coming year, and is looking toward expanding R&D into quantum computers to have the first ones up and running by 2010.
by Dorren November 09, 2007
An ugly person or an horrifically deformed person.

This is a term used in Cumbria
ewwwww Dren

Claire you look so Dren
This is dren
by HoneyXBadger February 27, 2011
Backwards for "NERD"
You're a KROD!
Well, you're a DREN!
by YIPPEE HAHA! October 13, 2003
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