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Often associated with those formally known as, "douche-bags" This person will most likely be an asshole and will most likely attend raves with his/her equally asshole friends. He/she often thinks they are the shit and will probably be known to make there own Darth Vader suits and plastic toy guns. Usage similar to that of the word, "Tool" or, "piece of shit." This word is most commonly associated with its fusion of the words, "douche-bag" and the word, "raver."
"Wow that kid that lives down the street is a total draver."
by The secret is safe November 13, 2007
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One who attends raves or rave parties, and is a complete douche bag. The word combines the two to create a complete description of anyone who pisses you off, or is just being an idiot.
" Yea, that kid down the hall is a massive Draver"
by Tyson B November 27, 2007
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