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shortened version of 'drainpipes' ie very tight trousers.
the use of 'drainp' was originally founded by ashley and aziz, who have recently developed a language totally devoted to shortening any word...if it sounds right.
for example:
drainpipes = drainp
guildford = guilf
house of fraser = house of frase
positive tension (by bloc party) = pos tensh (by bloc part)
arctic monkeys = ark monk
banquet = banq

etc etc etc....
example 1...
person 1: where drainp from?
person 2: house of frase in guilf.

example 2...
person 1: saw bloc part on tues
person 2: was it good?
person 1: yes pos tensh and banq where blates good
by Hanaheh December 27, 2005
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