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When one has ridiculously red eyes, therefore looking as if they have scary red Dragon eyes. Redness can occur from prolonged staring at a computer screen, but usually occurs after smoking a lot of weed.
Guy 1: "You have crazy Dragon Eyes!"
Stoner: "No wonder, I just smoked a ton."
by Shoeless Loons February 02, 2011
when ones butt hole becomes crusty and disgusting. Commonly after you dont wipe your ass hole
alex: ewww close your legs
hunter: sorry my dragon eye is very stanky
by alex and hunter November 14, 2008
When a girl is going down on on a man while he's brushing his teeth, and after he cums in her mouth, he spit mouth wash in her eyes.
I woke in the middle of the night by high-pitched screams after my friend gave his girlfriend a pair of dragon eyes.
by TitianElConquistador July 20, 2010