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usually two tails coming from the back of the hair. Can be one side only.
zomg Vk, leave ma dragon tail alone, i think you should cut your fringe
by Mr.Dragontail October 25, 2007
33 14
When a man puts his facial hair in some sort of tie/tail. They aren't pony-tails, they aren't pig-tails, they are DRAGON-TAILS.
Bloodaxe's chops are so long he makes two Dragon-Tails out of them.
by Goodz February 01, 2008
30 2
(n) 1. a long line of congested highway or road. see TRAFFIC
2. a line of people waiting to get somewhere

see also: dragon's tail, traffic
"God damnit! We would have been on time if it wasn't for that friggin dragon tail"
by joe porter March 25, 2003
17 9
v. the continual attachment of a smell, as from farting, while one moves away from the location where said smell was vented. Not to be confused with "cropdusting" where the scent is meant to stay in a particular area or adversely affect target(s) in one's wake; dragontailing.....entails...the scent moving along /with/ one's person.
I farted when I left work, but it dragontailed me all the way to the parking garage.
by Faelanisntmyrealname May 28, 2010
0 0
When you fart in one place and the smell follows behind you into another room.
Eric: aaahh, what the hell is that smell!!!
Mike: what?
Eric: Dude, did you just fart?
Mike: yeah, but i did it outside
Eric: dammit man, you dragon tail that fart into the room.
by Roman Warren May 21, 2008
11 13