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An event while clubbing or going to a discotech in which a male looks for the most repulsive looking female and dances with them in an obscene fashion. Games may include several male friends competing for the ugliest women in the club or at the event. The women or man (in the case of a drag queen)is then referred to as the queen dragon.
We all went dragon hunting at the club last night. Brandon Lowry won because he danced with a drag queen!
by Randall Ballstein October 17, 2007
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"The game of going dancing and holding a competition with yourself or your friends; where you only find the fattest, ugliest, most toothless bitch, then grind up on her all night."
"Dude Brandon went dragon hunting last night and found the queen dragon, she was so gnarly!"

"Lowry is the king dragon hunter, he got with the fat, smelly, jabba the hunt lady that works at the bp gas station!"
by lowrybrandonson February 11, 2010

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