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In the street racing hangout, two cars start to race at the same time in a straight line, and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first.
Nissan Skyline and Ford Cobra was drag racing in the deserted parking lot.
by sexy_car_driver_corvette_ October 28, 2009
kicks fuck all over NASCAR,IRL,all that shit
lets hit the town for a freindly game of drag racing
by GS STAGE 1 455 March 04, 2003
The only motorsport in which American cars are useful.
After losing the Le Mans, the Corvette team stripped their cars of the yellow and white livery and returned to the safety of the drag strip, where the complexities of turns cannot harm them. Drag racing is not a legitimate motorsport; it's simply a rudimentary form of NASCAR.
by TheBat April 09, 2009
a race between to men dressed as women
#1: you know iwas looking up adhd on urban dictionary and i think-
by thisismyaccount60 December 28, 2010
When 2 people are taking shits side by side in public bathroom stalls, there is never a winner.
I was drag racing with a guy at k-mart, it smelled like he ate a mexican village.
by Ryan 75 November 23, 2007
A sport in which men race down a track wearing womens' clothing.
Anetia: I found a video tape about drag racing. Hallie: Who would want to watch men run down a track dressed as women?
by Hallie December 08, 2003
A race in which rednecks get maused easily by watching cars go straight forward.
Go to a drag race u lame-o
by RicoFuckinConstantino August 11, 2003

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