The word used to describe messages that you save in your phone as a note to yourself on a drunken night out.
*Bob falls on his bum during night out*

*Billy makes note in his phone: 'Bob fell'*

*Billy wakes up next morning and reads message. Texts Bob: You tool you fell last night. I completed forgot about it but luckily it was drafted.
by Colm.. April 14, 2009
Top Definition
What young guys 18 years and older are going to be, if McCain is voted into office.
If McCain is the next president you are going to get drafted. Don't be a dumb ass, register to vote. Take control of your future.
by Mistress Q February 14, 2008
something said without thinking about it
john: what day is new years on?
daniel: are you stupid
john: why what did I say
daniel: wow thats just drafted
by shifosky September 29, 2007

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