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one confunsed town that has 2 many hills and a fucked up population. located in good ole massachusettes and yes this town is "blessed" with a boston accent
Draconians typical opening conversation on a saturday:
Dude! did ya go to the football game last night?
me too, how bad did we lose?
by i'll never tell November 04, 2004
Dracut doesn't hate goths and other cities. You guys are just pissed that our football team kills yours. I agree it can get boring and has lots of hills but its not that bad.
Dracut won the football game last night
by Aimee <3 November 27, 2007
Dracut is hick town that loves everyone. you eat at M.L. Shaws every sunday and when your bored you go to Vetrans Park.
The football team is all anyone cares about and you can get an STD from sitting on Dracut High School's bathroom toilets. No One cares that lowell hates us because lowell is a fucked up town and the people there never really become anything except drug dealers and hookers.
from MTV's MADE:"Dracut has more cows then people"
by Hoe516 May 05, 2009
Dracut is a town in Northern Massachusetts that often receives hate on Urban Dictionary, the reason of which is unknown.

People tend to not think and post faulty "definitions" because they are unsatisfied with their own town, or they lost a football game.

It also has a rundown High School which is currently undergoing renovations.
Dracut is a pleasant suburban town.
by The Papa John June 04, 2011
Pronounced: Draycut not Drahcut. Also known as the town that revolves around music and football
Did you watch the Dracut's football game last night?

Ya while I played my clarinet.
by anonymous-mutated-unicorn July 08, 2012
A half nice, half shit hole town next to the armpit of America Lowell Massachusetts. Dracut is is the wore capital of the world, Dracut woman were bred to be bartenders, hairdressers, or assistants at tanning salons. Eventually they will get pregnant on purpose to tie down the juice head boyfriend with no job only to move to lowell.
She's a hairdresser by day and a lowell bartender ? She must be from Dracut.
by Ronstoppable426 June 04, 2016
Dracut is a good sized town in Northeastern Massachusetts, USA. It has a population of about 30k-40k hicks of the North with Boston accents. It is known ONLY for it's football team, which belongs to Dracut Senior High School. Dracut High is a 50 year old piece of shit building that would work better as a FedEx warehouse following 5 years of decontamination and restoration work by the pitiful workforce of the Town of Dracut.

To break down the population, Dracut consists of skaters, pot heads, too many asians, little to no blacks, northern white trash, and %0.5 smart folk. The entire town hates Lowell, it's much larger counterpart, 1/3 hates Tyngsboro for being better at sports, another third doesn't give a shit, and the final third want to live in Tyngsboro out of fear for their lives.

All in all, Dracut blows as a town whether you live in it or not. It is the dirty, disease filled womb of a pregnant porn star that houses the bastard children of Massachusetts that must pass through all the circles of Hell to redeem their reputation just for being born there.
- Where are you from?

- Dracut

- Go die somewhere
by Guillaumes February 15, 2011
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