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dpc is well know in Czech and Slovak republic. It means "do pice", shortened. It has similar meaning as fuck.
I have lost my keys. Fuck.
Stratil som kluce. Dpc.
by Pierre LeBaux April 05, 2008
dpc: Daily Porn Consumption
Hey Steve, I think your DPC is slowing down the wifi
by Helpdesk9 December 26, 2011
Dr. Pepper Cherry
Yo we got so much DPC from balloon fest.
by Albert Knivewski December 27, 2010
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
a crew which is makin it big in the west coast ov scotland. membas: dogg, dale(boywonder),the minge,mc,bout another 100 folk
"dam, those DPC boys really hav good connections"
by boy wonder March 24, 2005
a crew who is makin it big in the west coast ov scotland.
membas: strog dogg,D-Boy Wonder,Amo,Ryz,D.A.V,Dj Baz,hov,g batesta, and many more. Have rivalry with The AWC a group of DpC rejects who didnt make the posse.
DpC Those boys are Dope, they can handle beef of any sort.holla at the crew
by boy wonder April 02, 2005
Depression Post Concert
"Dude, I went to my idol concert last night, I'm having dpc"
by alesomniatis May 13, 2015
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