noun: Two Penises in a woman's orifices, be it ass+ pussy, pussy+mouth, or mouth+ ass.
verb: the act of putting two penises in two different holes on the same woman at the same time.
Jane had her friends John and Jack over. John and Jack both had sex with her at the same time in different holes. Therefore, Jane got a dp.
by been 'jammin July 07, 2005
An acronym for double penetration. Double penetration is when two phallic objects ( penises, sex toys, or similarily shaped objects) are inserted into a female's vagina and anus.
Brendan and Mike penetrated Tiffany at the same time because Tiffany loves dp.

Jane wanted to try dp, so she put a dildo up her ass while John fucked her.
by brdwaybab2 January 08, 2009
1) Can be meant as: 'Double penetration'. meaning a woman is penetrated sexually in 2 places at once.

2) Can also be meant as 'Dance party'. A party where you will dance..

3) Can be said as an alternative to profile/messanger picture.
1) Sarah was DP'd in her ass and vagina by Tom and Larry.

2) "Make sure to wear your dancing clothes! It's gonna be a DP!"

3) (On Facebook): "Wow! I love your DP"
by juicygoosegirl June 27, 2010
When two males penetrate a female in different areas around her body, whether it be the vagina, ass, mouth, etc.
TJ and Winston DP'ed Kaitlyn all night long.
by johnboy112 December 02, 2007
DP, or short for Dynamic Programming (not to be confused with Double Penetration) is a methodology for solving complex problems by breaking them down to overlapping sub-problems. In most cases, DP problems are hard to solve by yourself, so learning DP with friends is extremely recommended -- in which case you may as well begin practicing the other DP variant as well.
My friends and I got stuck trying to solve this DP problem, so we just ended up DP'ing this girl instead.
by aaandrew December 17, 2014
DP is akronyms for Danish Pilsner.
''So what do you think of DP?''
- ''OMG I LOVE DP!!''
by Malkatrix April 17, 2015
Dance Party. As it is abbreviated to "DP", this can be confused with Douple Penetration. This is half the fun of yelling out "lets get a DP going!" at a crowded house party.
I love a good DP!
by The Burd November 30, 2009
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