a creepy person who tries to get into your pants. usually has no ass.
"hey beautiful"
"stop being such a dp!"
by pvjp November 08, 2011
display pic
girl : nice dp

boy: dp ??

girl : display pic , your default

boy : THANKS :)
by allykatbrat23 September 09, 2011
Double penetration. A woman taking two men at once.
Last night I took Tom and John in. And then I took them in. Some quality dp, I'm telling you!
by Mogg8779 March 14, 2011
dance party!
dp this friday, bring your speakers
by .. ....... .. ..... .. . . ... February 12, 2009
When two males penetrate a female in multiple areas of her body, whether it's the vagina, ass, mouth, etc.
T.J. and Winston completely DP'ed Kaitlyn all night long, last night.
by troyboy39 December 02, 2007
Where you throw your bitch on the desk and gyrate softly into her vagina.
Dude, you should totally DP her tonight.
by p-raiiiid June 21, 2011
Casually walking, then randomly booking it
*guy is walking then randomly starts booking it*
person: that guy just did a dp
by hplover333 June 18, 2011

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