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weed, hydro, roach,blunt
man, dis dozier keep me hi it got me feelin like i'm ready 2 die!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Da Bug August 09, 2006
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A school in the Newport News school district that's so ghetto they spell it G-E-T-T-O.

It's mostly black posers and hot-headed morons who pick fights over spilled juice (because that really did happen). Most kids are either goth, dumb populars, or jocks. Everyone is a perv. There is an average of 3 fights per school year.

The teachers are stupid pushovers who like to yell, unreasonably punish, and call security on headstrong retards.
Person A: Did you here about that fight when ______ spilled ______'s orange juice?
Person B: Yeah, only Dozier is ghetto enough for that.
by Miss X-Zania May 20, 2011
a person who acts as a slave to somone else and doesnt expect a thank you or reembursment
Garf: crawl on your knees to the pop machine buy me a drink with your money crawl back lick my dick then say thank you for letting you do that

Andrew: yes master

Paolo: andrews such a dozier
by garf19 April 03, 2009
A term for calling somebody fat.
Cory: Hey Dozier, can't get the seatbelt on?
Chris (overweight): Comedy Central is calling your number!
by Joe Bill April 29, 2008

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