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A sport. Raced on moutain bikes down a steep hill filled with obsicals such as roots, jumps, stumps , drops and so on. Best sport in the world get out and do it. Commonly raced on full suspension bikes but some hartails are equaly as suited to racing downhill.
I entered that downhill race on sunday
by greened October 23, 2004
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1. When an artist. (writer, painter, musician, other.) is built up to the level where they've felt proud of their works. And they keep working on their art when they know they aren't in the suitable mood. Nor the time to work.

2. Artist keeps working, knowing that he/she isn't going to be proud of his work. His unstoppable running mood doesn't stop him/her from working.
1. "Man, her poetry is really falling downhill.

2. "I can't believe I broke my favorite band Metallica's new cd, St. Anger. They really went downhill on that album.
by josh July 15, 2004
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Slowly going down. Pulling down.
And it's all downhill from here.
by eriiiiiiiiiiiiin October 14, 2006
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