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1. A term used to describe a person or action accomplished that is extraordinary in some form. most commonly used in the positive or good sense of declaration.

2. A term used to describe an event or series of events that worked out to a more than pleasing conclusion. i.e. better than expected.
1. "Wow! did you see what joe just did?" "He totally pulled a downard on that one!"

2. "Dude! I just put in my dollar, pushed the button, my dollar came back out and so did a coke! That's bomb!"

"yeah man, you just got downard!"
by fro shizzle February 04, 2010

a cool nickname for someone who is really cool, but has problems with the ladies due to being physically retarded. someone who everyone likes but must find a blind, mute, deaf dog to fuck.
Hey downard, screw you
by Tristan Owen July 10, 2008
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