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A partial payment made at the time of purchase, with the balance to be paid later.
I pay ten percent as a down payment, and I'm paying the rest off in monthly payments.
by 1232002 November 26, 2010
When you really need to poop, but you're in the middle of doing something. Instead, you rush to the toilet to make a down payment, which means taking part of your poop and quickly returning to the activity that is occupying you. Usually, making a down payment implies that you will return to the toilet and make the rest of your "payment" later, but it doesn't have to.
Keith: Ben, I've got to take a dump.
Ben: But we're in the middle of a game of pool!
Keith: Don't worry, I'll make a down payment. Won't even take a minute.
Ben: *sigh* okay.
by bls1999 September 20, 2014

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