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A term that some people from New Jersey and the Philly-area use to mean "going to the beach for a vacation." For some reason, it really irks many people, myself included. I go to the beach! And then, once I'm at my beachhouse, I go on the beach! It's quite simple, really. I think rich people from Philly invented this term when they would go to Ocean City in summers. And I guess if I had to use it, I would use it in relation to Seaside or Point Pleasant, but certainly not Long Beach Island (the best beach ever, cough cough). LBI is most definitely the beach!
Old lady or Philiadelphian or annoying person: Oh, are you going down the shore next week?

Me: ummm... Yeah we're going to the BEach. (forced smile).
by Colliebobollie January 16, 2010
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what everybody else (other than the people down there call it). It is really termed the beach but those fucking bennies from NY cant get it through their thick skulls.
BENNY- Lets go down the shore
Beach Kid- Fuck off Benny, go swim in some sewage
by JERSEY April 17, 2005
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