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A girl who sticks up for her man whenever he needs her. Popularized by Ja Rule in early 2000.
My girl pulled a gat on the po's last night..for real ; she's a down ass bitch.
by Lindsay October 06, 2003
264 113
a woman who is a lady but she can hang with thugs. She will lie for you but still love you. She will die for you but cry for you. Most importantly she will kill for you like she'll comfort you. She is a ride or die bitch who will do whatever it takes to be by your side. She'll be your Bonnie if you are her Clyde. Thugs love these bitches and they show this by showering them with stacks of cash, flashy jewels and rides.
Ja Rule wrote a song about his" Down Ass Bitch" and since then all thugs aspire to get one.
by Nina Bereta April 04, 2009
243 70
girls that are down for whatever
a chick that'll come over and just drink some brews then stay over and chill all nite
by D December 21, 2002
123 98
a girl/bitch that will do what eva her boy friend/nigga tells her to do, and no matter what her boy friend do or goes threw she will suport him
thlking to her girls"ima down as bitch no matter what" talking to his boys "ma girl is a down ass bitch"
by donnneyboo November 10, 2007
86 94
A woman who possesses a "ride or die" mentality.
Yo, Wendi Deng is a down ass bitch.
by maximilian421 July 21, 2011
36 45