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Someone who dresses to the extreme of punk-subculture, often very exaggerated and "poser"-ish. When using this, use it as a term of riducule and it is used as an insult to anything that is unliked and leaves anyone of the following descriptions as the butt of the joke:

-Wears shirts with bands such as "Good Charlotte" new "Greenday" "Blink 182" and other pop-punk shit.

-Poeople that just try waayyy to hard to look the "punk" part.

-They use the terms "punker" and "punk rocker" when describing themselves or other people in a serious manner.

-Wears spiked collars & bracelettes.

-Wears plaid pants or bondage pants.

-They might have liberty spikes, liberty spiked mo-hawk, mo hawk, tri hawk and their hair is usually dyed an eccentric color (i.e. electric blue,neon orange, green,pink purple)
1.)John- "Omg have you ever heard of Black Flag!! They are fucking so punk rawk!! God bless punker music!!"

Chris-"Dude, you are DOWN AS PUNX!!!!! fag..."

2.)Michael-"Dude, that kid over there is down as punx."

Josh-"Wow, he even has a bum flap and everything."
by FuckPunk May 06, 2007

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