A great band in this time of musical confusion.
"There goes the fear" "The Cedar Room"
by zach December 15, 2003
Something really good
person 1: Do you like my new phone?
person 2: OMFG that is dofe!
person 1: Initt, the most dofest phone you can buy.
person 2: DOFE!!! i want a dofe phone.
by Jezzz12345678 September 10, 2008
A way to call females, inside of the Byrd Gang. A beautiful woman
Yo, check them fine doves on the corner.
by Cole Midkiff September 21, 2006
Friends filled with the Holy Spirit!
Me and my Doves are shopping at the mall!
by 2ServeDesign May 03, 2013
a white or tawny pigeon-like bird.
A dove is a sign of peace.
by Saints September 27, 2003

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