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Stand up comedian often compared to the late, great Bill Hicks. Stanhope differs in a number of ways however.

Stunningly, he is actually MORE shocking than Hicks, with arguably a less-political message. This doesn't do the man justice however. He has an incredibly active mind, and superb delivery as well as being incredibly funny.

Less insightful than Hicks perhaps, but if anything, he is funnier.

Also a one time presenter of the Man Show with Joe Rogan which Stanhope himself openly describes as being solely for 'shameless financial gain'.

Also due to run for president of the United States as the candidate for the Libertarian party in 2008.
"They shouldn't be able to teach religion until you're 18 years old and you know what? It'd be a whole different world because if they weren't pushing that shit into your head while it was still soft you'd never buy it"

"If you really believe death leads to eternal bliss then why are you wearing a seatbelt?"

-doug stanhope
by Wilkov October 05, 2006
Funny motherfucker who i agree with on most things.
Libertarian, drunk, loves mocaine, barely sane, all the way smart as fuck.
Compared to Bill Hicks and George Carlin for his provacative thinking he makes funny so that his thoughts can be 'comedy friendly'.
He fully deserves to be compared to those greats of comedy, as well as Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor.
Love Bill, miss him. Doug and Bill are similar in being thinkers who make it funny so they are heard as much as, or probably more than, being pro comics.
Doug's a different beast to Bill, colder sharper, more ruthless and definately drunker.
Doug, like the greats of the funny i have mentioned is the Jester who calls the King a cunt, just as Bill Hicks, Rich Pryor, Lenny Bruce and George Carlin would, could and did.

Those men are acknowledged as great.
Doug's only hitting mass media now.
Time to listen up folks.

Doug broke my heart when i found the one country he hates is mine.
Still, the man's a fucking true jester-philosopher.

'Doing a Stanhope': Socially disquieting act of pointing out the elephant in the room in a shockingly open way and being funny at the same time, yet not giving a fuck if someone is offended by it. That's their problem.
Bloke 1: Man, i oughtta punch you for what you said to my mom.
Bloke 2: Yeah i was a dick and you can punch me if you need to, but the woman was talking shit, so i got all Doug Stanhope on her.
Bloke 1:No dude, you didn't do a Stanhope. You were just fucking rude, man.
by Snowcaller September 03, 2014
The most fucking disgusting person I've ever heard. Holds absolutely nothing sacred, at all. Jokes include getting an abortion just to see what it's like to kill a baby, getting a blowjob from a retarded townhouse baby, Sarah Palin having two retarded kids (down syndrome and joining the military), etc. Royally pisses off prissy people with a stick up their ass who think life is serious enough to become offended by a shock comedian. What every human on the planet should aspire to be in ways, not so much in others but he admits it and that just adds to his being likable.
Did you know Doug Stanhope got granulomas after his vasectomy? No? Well then go listen to the bit on it.
by DoesItReallyMatterSeriously January 07, 2010

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