some lost cunt who fell in
*douf sits by the watrer all relaxed n shit
*douf is getting out all soaked.
mad cunt: i heard u fell in the water like a lost cunt
by god April 01, 2003
A Godlike figure whom is worshiped throughout the cosmos! PRAISE BE TO HIM!
"OMG DOUF OWNS ME ! HE CAN SHAG MY MUM ANYTIME!" -direct quote from cyberz
by doufas March 30, 2003
I heard you fell in
Doufas fell in the water
by leonie April 03, 2003
^ he was pushed by his so called "friends"
by nc April 01, 2003
Maco poof who thinks hes god but he belongs in the epping tip
none required....he speaks for itself. think about it.
by pasko September 04, 2003
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