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4 definitions by doufas

A Godlike figure whom is worshiped throughout the cosmos! PRAISE BE TO HIM!
"OMG DOUF OWNS ME ! HE CAN SHAG MY MUM ANYTIME!" -direct quote from cyberz
by doufas March 30, 2003
7 12
n00b lying scum even negros think he is shit and they are made of shit...
butler is a lying cunt hes one bitchmade bitchass nigga!
by doufas April 01, 2003
5 11
pretending that a mans dick is a lollypop and sucking it dry (gook indo whores dont have real lollies so they use anything they can get)
douf loved the gobby he got from cyberz mum just after the gobby from damos mum..
by doufas April 01, 2003
77 260