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A Godlike figure whom is worshiped throughout the cosmos! PRAISE BE TO HIM!
"OMG DOUF OWNS ME ! HE CAN SHAG MY MUM ANYTIME!" -direct quote from cyberz
by doufas March 30, 2003
7 12
doufas is a lost cunt, who sucks wordcock/word for crack
by doufas April 01, 2003
7 6
I heard you fell in
Doufas fell in the water
by leonie April 03, 2003
3 11
^ he was pushed by his so called "friends"
by nc April 01, 2003
1 10
some lost cunt who fell in
*douf sits by the watrer all relaxed n shit
*douf is getting out all soaked.
mad cunt: i heard u fell in the water like a lost cunt
by god April 01, 2003
2 11
Maco poof who thinks hes god but he belongs in the epping tip
none required....he speaks for itself. think about it.
by pasko September 04, 2003
6 18