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1. A douchebag of monsterous proportions. The king of all douchebags. One who is a terror to coworkers, partners and family for his douchebaggery ways. Generally unliked by his peers for behavior unsuitable for humane society.

2. An asshat man who cheats on his wife with you. Then leaves her for you and then returns to his wife six weeks later. Then the cycle repeats, multiple times.
Jesse wants me to take him back after he has gone back and forth between his wife and I...six times! What a Douchezilla!
by BERRY817 October 21, 2010
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A really annoying person who constantly talks about Star Wars, and Family Guy. Usually disliked amongst all of his peers and teachers alike.
Kent Thompson from Richfield Minnesota is the original Douchezilla!
by Sports Pimps March 24, 2005

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