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An area of a city with a large douchebag community.
Frank: "The apartment is nice and it's close to all amenities"

Nic: "too bad it's located in central doucheville"

Frank: "Yeah, I would have to spike my hair with splooze just to get a martini"
#douche #city #martini #splooze #community
by Alakma September 29, 2009
Doucheville is a state of mind reached only through the blatant abuse of alcohol and loud music. Oftentimes people residing in Doucheville will be wearing their sunglasses at night.
Guy: wanna go to Doucheville tonight.
Girl: Turn up the music. I'll get the vodka.
#douchebag #montana #douchbaggery #corey hart #dance off
by MT Most Wanted January 03, 2013
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