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Some one who uses text messages and/or chats like a douchebag.

Behaviours can include: Waiting days or weeks before responding. Texting at inappropriate time such as sleepytime and important meetings. Creating bad acronyms and being an asshat when someone doesn't get it. Inviting people to parties that don't exist or are a sausage fest. Inserting awkward pauses into otherwise smooth conversions, especially when an answer is required for marital, work or other interpersonal affairs.
Joe's phone rings during an important business

Joe: Pardon me, Lynette, is such a douchetexter, she knew I was in a meeting right now.
VP of Sales: No it's ok, I think we can discuss this promotion in a another 6 months.

VP of Sales Leaves in a hurry.

Lynette's Text: U r in a meeting now, huh? Do u still have the Thundercats as ur ringtone?
Joe's Text: Yes :(
by Sqeaky July 29, 2011

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