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a douche of such tectonic intensity that their douchiness can be measured on the Richter scale.
Phil Simms is such a douche. Yeah, he's a douchequake, yo.
by nme! January 18, 2009
A faggot.
That douchequake Phil Simms is a complete faggot.
by Holla_atcha_boyeeee January 19, 2009
The phenomenon whereby your house or car shakes due to a douchebag in the vicinity who plays his stereo unnecessarily loud in an effort to show off his speakers/car, with the misguided notion that it attracts positive female attention.
Every time Joe drives past my house, it causes a douchequake.
by sarabellum July 09, 2011
when more than one douchebag and/or douchenozzle enters a room that room has been hit by a douchequake.
"Hey Jim, how did your window break?"

"Those douchebags and that douchenozzle showed up and caused a douchequake."
by bossk420 October 19, 2008
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