Top Definition
1. Someone who is more than a single slice of douche.
2. A pastry that tastes horrible.
3. Military DFAC food
4. A collection of Van Damme movies

see also Celine Dion
"That doucheloaf just tweaked his grandmother's nipples!"

"This is the worst fucking doucheloaf i've ever tasted!"

"What kind of doucheloaf are they serving tonight?"

#doucheslice #wonder bread #michael bolton #diucheload #bitchcock
by Ben Langworthy December 06, 2006
More than just a slice of douche.
Person 1: Man, that guy is such a douche loaf.
Person 2: Yeah, he's more than just a slice of douche.
#douche #loaf #bread #slice #baguette
by DrOctagonapus February 04, 2010
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