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1:A festival created purely out of douchebags, douchewhores, etc.

2:A time when they're are multiple douchbags in a room.
"Man, this place is a complete douchefest!"

"I'm leavin this douchefest."
by Lusty Shackleford March 21, 2006
17 7
Anywhere a large group of douche bags gather with most of them wearing Affliction and Ed Hardy with really gay arm band tatoos .
It's gonna be a douche fest dowtown tonight after the UFC fight.

That party was a total douche fest
by bratsrus June 30, 2010
4 2
Party full of boring people or general dick-holes.
Dude, this party sucks, its a total douche fest.
by Jace Weaver January 23, 2007
4 4