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To be screwed over in a displeasing way
Dude those tickets are over priced... yah I know I got douched.
by Josh Takko July 13, 2005
27 7
Whenever it rains heavily.
"Man it's fucking douched out here. I hope I don't hydroplane!"
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop May 12, 2007
17 14
A person or object that has been moved or altered by someone or something.
My wife wouldn't make the tea so i douched her in the head with the T.V. remote.
by ek9sam December 09, 2011
5 3
the past tense of douche. or, to be douched...by yourslef or by somedbody else.
1. dude, you totaly just got douched.

guy: do you smell fish?
girl:can't be me, i just got douched.
by jess owns you. June 04, 2005
13 17
VERB - to make sissy-like, or fuck up in a really gay kinda way
*Drew looks at Kevin's myspace* "Dude, Kevin's mom totally douched his myspace."
by Kevinsbaybii November 08, 2007
1 8
Well and truely off your nut under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
You were well and truely douched maaan!
by Mac-G AND Wood August 02, 2005
9 16