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Simple insult made up of douchebag and assclown
Man, Pinney is being a real doucheclown
by Tempest3D July 30, 2007
When describing a person as douche bag just isn't enough. This special person takes the act of douche baggery to another level.
"Wow. That freakin' douche clown over there is literally cock-blocking this entire bar"

"Hey somebody tag that douche clown who is camping with the sniper rifle"

"Good call douche clown"

by ClearCause January 14, 2008
n. A combination of a douchebag, and a clown; a person so pathetic that it appears funny to everyone around them.
Wow that kid thinks he actually has a chance with that girl, what a douche clown.
by Boozer July 20, 2005
A person that is such a fuckin douche bag, that all you can do is think about the fact that you despise them and how much fun it would be to kick their ass.
I would love to kick that douche clown's ass, what a fag.

That guy's the biggest douche clown I've ever seen.
by SDkid May 15, 2008
As the balloon clown creates balloon animals, the doucheclown creates animals by blowing up and knotting douchebags.
Hey Jimmy, quit being such a doucheclown!
by jmurdoch October 06, 2007
Someone is considered a joke but acts like a Douche bag.
This guy is acting like a complete Douche Clown.
by Mhester75 November 14, 2015
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