The female form of a "douche bag".
Man, that girl is being a huge douche box
by Strykers 14 September 07, 2013
a person with many various douche like qualities, or is a douche in various situations
Man your such a douche box always killing the fun.
by sanchezzzzzzzz December 22, 2009
Similar to a douche bag, a box of douches
Man, John Tesh sure is a major douche box.
by Pete! June 15, 2003
A female who tends to date douche bags
"If you date one more douche bag, you will officially be at douche box status"
by jd hol October 03, 2011
if the word douchebag or toolbox is not strong enough to descripe the doucheness
man, ur such a douchebox... or like, dude u see that douchebox over there...
by theInventor82 September 26, 2011
A synonym for an iphone
Apple unveiled a new Douchebox at their new event Douchecon
by Goan F September 21, 2010
A container or vessel where people, who are not worthy of oxygen (or are extreme douches), go to die.
People, namely Avery, who feel the need to critique/correct urban dictionary submissions. Thus, he would be a douche box.
by Red Forman January 29, 2008

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