A girl that seems to have no brains whatsoever, but still knows how to be rude and tactless.
-"Why can't your sister just be nice and do what we ask of her?"
-"Man, she's just too much of a douchebitch!"
by pirate89RAWR August 19, 2009
Top Definition
The feminine form of douchebag. Used to describe someone who embodies the highest form of idiocy while also maintaining elevated levels of cuntishness. A person who sucks. May also apply to males who have transcended mere douchebaggery by whining, throwing tantrums, or lacking in manhood so much that their testicles have actually inverted, travelled upwards into the body cavity, and become ovaries.
Just drive through the Hamptons or Beverly Hills. You'll find plenty.

Ex: That newscaster on My13 News at 11 is such a douchebitch...
by michelle t. July 01, 2007
A person who you hate A LOT. Worse than calling them a douche bag. This person is majorly annoying and they have somehow pissed you off to the fullest extreme ever possible.
Kevin, my ex, is such a douche bitch! He seriously fucked my sister last weekend!
by Ms. Charming says FU March 14, 2005
noun: a Tom Buchanan (The Great Gatsby)
a person who fits the definition of a Douch Bag and a Bitch
Tom Buchanan from "The Great Gatsby" is a douche bitch
by Veggies<3 December 12, 2008
A person who is acting like both a douche bag and a bitch at the same time; a stupid asshole.
Did John just call Cathy a Douche Bitch?
by Scooter loves Mule December 17, 2014
One who wears sunglasses indoors, in the rain, at night, and/or in the club.
Aubrey is such a douche-bitch when wears her stunna shades in the club to hide her fucked up eyebrows.
by Lauren German April 10, 2008
A douchebitch is a girl who acts like a douchebag. That girl that you see/know and the first word that comes to mind when you think of her is "douchy". She is like the bitch who is not just a bitch but she actually thinks she is cool and that people like her. Main problem here is that she is oblivious to the fact that she is a complete douche and girls and guys alike find her annoying and hope she doesn't come to parties/outings and annoy people. She is a girl we have to tell people about before they meet her. When they do they are like "oooooh yeah ok that girl! Yup I totally know what you mean!"
Wow, that girl (insert name here) is such a douchebitch. Tonight she actually thought the shit she was saying about other people was funny. She even made a joke about fat people and said racist shit to my (some culture) roommate and thought is was okay. Not to mention the fact that she spent the whole night texting 8 different guys then talked crap about all of them to everyone. She fucked them all already and had three of them come to the party. She also told me we are lucky she came to our party because she is so busy and barely had time yet she drank all our alcohol and stayed all night. She's on the couch with two dudes with her shoes on, passed out with her boobs out. Oh wait no the dudes are leaving now. What a fuckin douchebitch.
by CallItLikeItIs April 29, 2012
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