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Pronounced douche-bieber-ee
Invented by the moose, aka Jared Padalecki in an angry tweet wanting to deport Justin Bieber, and he described his actions as "douchebiebery" which is a combination of douchebaggey and bieber. Can be used to insult justin or his actions, and possibly any beliebers.
Belieber: OmFG #CuTtingForBieBer !!!111!!1!!!!

Person: eew ur really gonna do that for all the douchebiebery justin did? You must be a simple minded ass-kissing peasant.

Belieber: omg !!1!1!1!!! No dont insult da biebs!!1!1! Cutting isnt a joke!!

Person: well why would u cut for a person who obviously doesnt care about his fans if hes letting them do this....

Belieber: you dont know what ur talking about !! He loves us!

Person: bitch, please.
by DaMoose February 04, 2014

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