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Douche Bagged

(Adj.) Douche Bagged: When some one acts like a complete Douche Bag to you for no apparent reason.

When you try to hold a serious conversation, and the other conversationalist is totally opposing.
(guy1)Hey bro I was thinking about joining the army!

(guy2)You're all hot to join after I did, why is that? Don't you have a mind of your own?

(guy)I just lost everything!

(guy2)Well aren't you just a pessimistic martyr!

(guy1 to himself)Man! I just totally got Douche Bagged!
by kamel_reds December 12, 2009
When someone pulls a move that would earn them the title "Douchebag", one is said to have douchebagged, i.e. if one were to horribly misspell a word online or walk into something in public.
John: What are you doing friday night?
Bertha: Im rniung a ramhthaon.
John: Wow, you just douchebagged.

Joey and Mike are walking through the mall, and Joey sees a gorgeous woman, and, whilst staring at her, accidentally trips over an ornamental pillar base and face-plants in front of dozens of people. Mike then says, "Whoa, you douchebagged big time, man!"
by jodere March 05, 2007
adj. used before noun

1.)a word to enhance the meaning of another vulgar language.
2.) To express resentment towards something, or simply just using it as a swear word
You douche-bagged fuck!

Shut your douche-bagged mouth bitch!
by coughing mystery October 19, 2009
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