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Like douche bag, but way better because of the extra "el," and also has the ability to accept condiments such as creme cheese.
You're such a douche bagel you should sell yourself at panera bread.
by S. Beebe August 03, 2007
1. A supreme douchebag, unmatched in his ability to act like a moron and shame the human species.
2. The word douchebag with an "el" added to it for comical purposes.

John: Wow, you're a fucking douchebagel. You smell pretty bad too.
Douchebagel: Yeah, I know. I'm going to eat a tub of shit now...want to watch?
John: WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!
by Xer0Syk0 September 25, 2006
Similar to douchebag but to a much greater extent as it suggests that the diameter of the aperture or sphincter through which the "douche nozzle" would pass is roughly the equivalent of a typical New York style bagel.
Yes, that midget is a douchebag but the dude who stabbed me is a douchebagel.
by Bootie Barker March 24, 2008
a word that means douche bag.
same as douche donut.
"hey, that guy's a douche bagel"

"yeah, his mom told me that too and he stole my word!"
by kevinhatespee October 03, 2009
Someone who is a douche bag and looks like a Jewish person.

They may actually be Italian, but have a Jew fro and a beard that would make a 17 year old look like a pedo.

They may actually wear glasses as well.
Ex. GOD! Salvatore Ciano is such a douche bagel. He needs to get a life and stop lurking the internet. Freaking douche bagel.
by JKudo September 22, 2009
synonym for douche bag; not necessarily used in a negative way.
"hey douche bagel, what's up?"
"that guy is a fucking douche bagel!"
by Still Mandurr May 20, 2006
Similar to douche bag but it sounds better, and it may be used differently. an absolute definition is a bagel, with douche spread on it. See example
1. Dont be a douchebagel dude!
2. Go eat a douchebagel!
3. jesus, how many douchebagels have you had?
by Avariss May 16, 2007