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A person who is rewarded for undesirable traits
That guy wearing the white rimmed sunglasses and hollister shirt who is womanizing is a douche bag.
by Jordan Wayne Norman September 01, 2008
3 4
n. and adj. interchangeable . One who wears a stocking cap when it is greater that 65 F and the stocking cap worn when it is over 65 F
"Hey! Nice Douchebag!, is that from Urban Outfitters?"

"Look at that douchebag! It freaking 90 degrees out."
by itto July 16, 2008
8 9
A term that is used to define the actions/outbursts of a first year Creative Communications student.

90% of the time this word is used in a playful manner.

God Conor, you are being such a douche bag.

Wow, that Ezra Ginsburg can be such a D bag sometimes.

We will impeach that douche bag class rep. Impeach the D Bag Conor Lloyd.
by Conor Lloyd June 11, 2008
1 2
Refers to a person who wears the combination of Hunting Camo, has Chin Strap facial hair, and Drives a Pickup.
Did you see that arrogant hick wearing hunting camo...and he's not hunting. What a Douche Bag.
by River Rat Hater May 30, 2008
5 6
a person who shows up in a public place looking like a complete idiot, or does something so completely stupid that it makes people laugh on his be-half.
yo, look at that douche bag.
by Chesca April 06, 2008
1 2
following douche snackpack and douche pocket in the catalogue of douches; a douche bag is a person who is a significant douche of relatively average size, smaller than a douche duffel, yet bigger than a douche pocket
so, i was walking along right, just mindin' my own business, and then this douche bag comes outta nowhere, and gets all up in my grill with his ample junk'n shit
by Bean6969 March 13, 2008
2 3
George W. Bush

Donald Rumsfeld
"What a couple of fucking douche bags"
by Big City February 06, 2008
10 11