a human parasite; a socieital leech. one of has zero value added to the group.
Aquaman is a douche bag.
by Splatulis Splatchulli May 02, 2006
A douche bag, a word to describe someone stupid, dumb, etc...
Also used to describe a fake or a phoney, i.e: John Edwards --> South Park

John Edwards:I'm not a fake or phoney and definitly not a douche bag!!
Stan Marsh:You are a fake, you are a phoney, and you are the biggest douche ever.
by ~paranoid~ January 01, 2006
a pussy cleaner, plain and simple...
u can tell she hasnt used a douche bag lately...
by jakeinhott39 August 05, 2005
One who's usefulness in the general flow of things has expired; also one who's sense of humor is dry and outdated.
My boss thinks he knows everything, but he aint nothin but a douche bag.

If I wanted any shit from you I would cut off your head and grab a spoon, ya douche bag!
by Cereal Killer February 03, 2005
A complete and total asshole. Beyond the realm of bastard or shithead; a douchebag is a title given to those not only showing exceptional skill in being a total prick, but taking above-average enjoyment in their dirty deed. To appropriatly call someone a "douchebag" they need to be at least an asshole, but have at least a hint of malice in their actions.
"That dude broke into a house, killed the dog, raped the wife in front of the family, then drank the last of the beer! What a douchebag!"
by ronin July 09, 2004
A guy who is an egotistical arrogant fucktard who mooches off his girlfriends and friends. Always takes advantage of everyone he's around. Believes that he's the smartest of his circle and anyone he meets. Scrony fuck with a scrony dick that couldn't please a real woman, even if his life depended on it.
William Sullivan, the douchebag of 118 Petow Loop Exten
by hahakija February 25, 2013
A complete and total waste of space, oxygen and life.
Rick Santorum is a douchebag.
by vwboy1026 February 26, 2012

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