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Male: Ed Hardy (or Abercombie) t-shirt wearing, studed rhinestone pocket jeans, white sunglases at night clubs, unibrow, hair bushing out of their shirts, armpit smelling STD guy with bad breath who chases you around and thinks they are a stud!

Female:Loud, trying not to have a unibrow, obnoxious skanky fat whore with half her fat ass hanging out creating drama where it is unneeded while pretending to be a good girl for mom and dad while she spreads her STDs all over town. AKA Kardashian

Both Male and Female are full of shit (themselves), hence douche bag. Both Male and Female need to douche themselves. Both Male and Female love to reproduce other little potential douche bags that will follow in thier douche bag steps
One could say, "Hey Kardashian, stop Kardashianing yourself around. However, a better sentence frame would be, "Hey douche bag, stop Douche'n yourself around."
by petitions/no-more-kardashian November 15, 2011
1.) One who outwardly insists that they are the epitome of the human race by mirroring those to whom they are inferior.

2.) One who operates a vehicle of no reasonably admirable purpose in design.

3.) One who attempts to gain self-respect by dominating motorists on public roadways with transparent, predictable, and offensive driving habits.

4.) One who likely rewards their driving performance with repeated and violent sexual penetration of their vehicle in either the gas tank filler opening or exhaust pipe. (see undeniable douchebag)
Hey, check out that douchebag in the parking lot slamming his car up the tail pipe. He must have been driving it really hard earlier!
by Kemion July 31, 2011
A douche bag has the typical douche bad faux-hawk, of course. He tries to impress everyone with a large vocabulary of words, and he also thinks that because of this he is better than everyone else. He is the most metrosexual male you will ever meet, and he claims that he ISN'T GAY. Nothing wrong with being gay, boys. Just come out with it already. He also has only one goal: get into as many girl's pants as possible.
Girl #1: Dude, that guy is SUCH a douche bag.
Girl #2: The one over there with the faux-hawk and the v-neck tank top?
Girl #1: Yes! He tried to impress me by bragging about his large endowment, which supposedly runs in the family.

Girl #2: What a douche. Smh.
by LaineAnn June 21, 2011
If you are reading this you are a DOUCHEBAG
(Your Name) is a douchebag.
by Palaciostº June 06, 2011
All the guys from Jersey Shore.
Do you watch that show on MTV with all those douche bags in it??
by inelevater October 15, 2010
The quintessential douchebag, such a look is given for trying to suck the pants off a fellow douchebag saying " I start to pucker, 'cuz I'm a cock sucker."
From what I've read they aren't happy unless going balls deep into each others mouths and licking the corn off the other guys dipsticks after a big ass plundering.

beachnative420 6 minutes ago
Hey look at that douchebag, he's got shit on his lips, RUN?
by big bill1223 July 12, 2010
Jon Gosselin!
Tom is such a wimp... I think his wife has his balls in her purse, like Jon Gosselin! What a douchebag!
by mgstoked78 June 30, 2010