Spencer Pratt. Enough said.
You know you're a douche bag when you want to fight an old guy like Al Roker for dissing your slut of a wife.
by AllehChan June 17, 2009
Douche Bags are people who are very disrespectful and somehow manage to think they are "it" when in actuality they are not. They are the bottom of the social chain with their low grooming standards and inconsiderate attitudes and yet they think that they are the upper crust of society walking around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment. Douche Bag is a great term for anyone who is arrogant. The amount of success for a person does not matter one way or another as long as that person is considerate of other people and not so ignorant.
Douche Bag: I am so much cooler than those people who work at Starbucks with my construction job. I decided I want to grow out my goatee another foot while I get 50 more piercings while I spend 500 more dollars to tatoo my entire back. I'm going to go back to my trailer and add another beer bottle to my 300 other ones on the counter. Yeah I'm better than you college students! You're worthless! I'm bad ass!
by WorkswithDouchebags July 10, 2008
a complete retard who cracks jokes that nobody thinks are funny.
see jake
"what a douchebag"
"yeah, what a jake"
by BugabooNZ May 25, 2008
1.a pompous fucktard who fronts an undeserved sense of accomplishment.

2.a device used to clean your cooch

3.one who wears a polo shirt of any color(especially with the collar popped up)


5.jennifer Grandholm(governor of Michigan)
david lee roth is such a boring douche bag. someone should sodomize him til he realizes he is a fudge reaming gooback.
by bastardly fucktard March 22, 2008
A sports bag that has strings to tighten the top, used by kids who think they are gangsta or cool.
kid 1: why the hell are you wearing that ugly as douche bag backpack.
"cool kid": cas i look gangsta man.
kid 1: man im gonna beat your ass that shit is so ugly.
by Boeydude February 14, 2008
1. a container of douche, a vagina cleaner.

2. a turd, moron, cretin, dipshit, dumbass - there's many more synonyms for this word.

3. a girl who is extremely butt ugly to the max.
1. Jojo stopped at a Target store and bought a douche bag for his wife on the way home from work.

2. Look at that low-talent so-called film actor with his girlfriend who's several years younger. When he's seen with her he always has this big shit-eating grin that says "Looky who I scored with!". He's a total self-centered douche bag.

3. Larry: Why do you hang around with that Mindy? She's uglier than sin! How can you get it on with a hideous douche bag like that?!

Del: I can put a bag on her head when I do it!

George: Yuck!
by Starpunk October 14, 2007
A person in a position of authority who does things to impede the progress of the individual and sometimes Humanity. A douchebag also neglects to realize that their God-like complex is very transparent and that any form of politeness directed towards them is a mere formality.
Douchebags are often seen in pairs for fear of being outnumbered and often make decisions that provide themselves with physical, statistical and a documented advantage
Why do police have to be such Douchebags

Wow, even when not in uniform; he's still a douchebag
by Sallie_420 October 14, 2006

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