A more intense way of saying douchebag or tool. It is longer and more dramatic simply to show how douchy said person is.
Person1: Hey bro! I just banged ur cousin!
Person2: Wow, your a DoucheWaffleMc'CuntNugget
by EdibleFood January 24, 2010
Top Definition
a person thats basically a complete PRICK and is usually a friend of yours that always finds a way to...

A. Step on ur game

B. Ruin a existing relationship

C. Cannot keep mouth shut even over life or death situations

D. and finally is a complete dumbass
You: Wow ur brother is a douche-waffle-mc'cunt-nugget

Ex-Girlfriend: LOL WTF what is that

You: your brothers new nickname "lol"

Ex-Girlfriend: and why is that lol

You: he just called my girlfriend a slut and we almost broke up cuz of another douche-waffle-mc'cunt-nugget blowing everything out of the water....

Ex-Girlfriend: Lol well HAHAHAHAHA!!! I like the new nick name im gonna call him that to :)

by The Guitar Hero January 29, 2008
A male under 30 years of age that wears pleated khakis.
Holy fuck look at AJ, what a douche-waffle-mc'cunt-nugget
by golf-freak93 January 30, 2008

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