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a severe douche, a mega douchebag, one who has reached the pinnacle of douchedom, a simpleton with issues.
Tim you are annoying the fuck out of me you fawking douche-o-potamus. Buyaa!!!
by Fillmore Slim March 29, 2005
Similar in type and variety to a "Douche Bag" only of a far heavier stature.

1. A person that is a total moron and doesn't think before he/she speaks or acts.

2a of what's cool, possibly an arrogance about them.

3. One with an intolerable personality.
Oh My Effing God, look at that douche o potamus over there acting like he actually know's what's going on.
by Pretty Boy January 28, 2010
A specific person who is behaving like a real jack-ass or huge douche!
Eventually they both are attacked by a wild doucheopotamus and mauled n raped to death
by BigBossanova August 03, 2011
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