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Actions, ideals, or opinions displayed by or associated with those of a douche-bag.
The idea that welfare programs will help the poor get back on their feet, rather than keeping them dependant on the government, is nothing more than liberal douche-baggary.
by PopnfreshGTmem August 16, 2006
5 Words related to douche-baggary
1) Actively engaging in highly-unacceptable, douche-like behavior.

2) Being a douche or douchebag in practice.
To commit so many loathsome acts at once, Jim's behavior could best be characterized as douchebaggary.

His behavior was beyond unacceptable! It was pure douchbaggary.
by Dr. T. June 06, 2012
(Verb) Something really fucked up.
Thats just a bunch of douchebaggary.
by LauraGoesBANG January 12, 2009

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