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Fucked up person who acts like a douche bag but is even more of a douche bag than the normal douche bag
You are such a douchewhistle!!
by Clayre Bear January 23, 2015
the sound a douche makes. also used as an insult.
chris was a real douche whistle for not treating his girlfriend better
by Steven Deatherage December 18, 2006
n: a person who is saying nothing of worth; wasting air.

n: the sound a douche makes upon emptying. see above definition.

"He's always talking but saying nothing. That guy is a complete douche whistle."
by Kikimarie April 30, 2009
A man who has a girl move in and puts her in the spare room to watch his bastard child, while he brings home fat chicks to sleep in his bed.
I thought he was a real douche whistle when I saw the naked chick go to the bathroom. But the baby was crying so I couldnt ask.
by slangmasterbitches August 22, 2008
A sound added to the key up of a CB radio. It is also known as a "key up tone". This tone can be (and not restricted to) an ascending tone, a tri-tone or a sound clip. It's uses vary by the user. Some are used to glamorize one's radio while it could also be used to annoy other chicken banders. Douche whistles are most popular with truck drivers and Cb'ers in Mexico.
Did you hear the douche whistle on that Mexican's radio?

That guy is annoying the shit out of the truckers on 19 with that douche whistle.
by Dooley-413 April 09, 2011
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